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Become an expert on electrical power with our unique training program. Our webcast and supporting guidebook help to understand the major elements that affect power quality: particularly inductive loads, harmonic distortion, and three-phase power unbalance. This will help you solve power problems, now that electrical loads in industrial and commercial buildings are often too complex to be calculated by the classical model of power.

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Learn how to benefit from thermography in your work

Thermography can increase the effectiveness of your work. And Fluke has made it really easy to use, so you can quickly benefit from it in troubleshooting, maintenance and diagnostics. A thermal imager has become an essential tool in HVAC, civil engineering, plumbing and all disciplines where a thermal image of a component, installation, situation or building reveals practical information you can act on. To help you understand the technology, Fluke has launched a series of application-specific webcasts.

Choose the webcasts that suit your work

These webcasts from the Fluke Academy bring you up to date on using thermal imagers in your daily work. You can register to view them at a time that suits you.

  Qualitative electrical Inspection - learn more about how a Fluke Thermal Imager can help you to identify the presence of faults in your equipment.
  Detect electrical energy Losses - learn more about how Fluke Thermography helps you to detect electrical energy loss.
  Inspecting electromechanical equipment - learn how you can extend the lifetime of your machinery with Fluke Thermography
  Building Heat Losses - learn about insulation, air infiltration and thermal bridging issues, and see how you can identify the common causes of heat losses
  HVAC - learn how to use thermal imaging to investigate heating and cooling systems, and get tips on improving equipment operation and efficiency
  Plumbers - see how a thermal imager can help you detect hidden leaks and moisture, and get tips on carrying out inspections and restorations
  Roofers - understand the benefits of thermography in roofing applications for most types of roof, and get practical tips on carrying out inspections


For questions or support please email us at: fluke.academy@Fluke.com

For questions or support in GERMANY email us at : seminare@fluke.com

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