Are you interested in reducing energy costs in your facility?

Seminar Fluke Energy Measurement Principles helps you identify and quantify energy waste

The utility bill tells you how much energy you’re using – if you read it. But it doesn’t tell you where or how that energy is being used and or at what time of day – and without knowing how much each of your building systems and operations cost to operate now, you can’t really make informed decisions on what to change, fix, or upgrade.


What you will learn during the seminar:

  • Strategies to lower your energy bill
  • Tools to identify and quantify waste
  • Measure and log power consumption
  • Identify and measure common production process system wastes
  • Detect energy waste with vibration detection and analysis
  • Calculate the dollar cost of compressed air
  • Measure voltage unbalance to calculate waste
  • Quantify electrical cost of ventilation
  • How to reduce HVAC costs

Perfect for:

  • Plant Maintenance Engineers
  • OEM Field Service & Energy Consultants
  • Facility Managers
  • Electrical & Facility Contractors
  • Energy Inspectors

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