Are you looking for the benefits of thermography to improve maintenance practices?

Seminar How do professionals work with thermography

This seminar highlights how you can use thermal imaging to identify the presence of faults in your equipment under normal working conditions, in new or existing installations. Our experts will show you the difference between a normal visual image and an infrared or thermal image and the benefits you can have by learning how to use it in your plant and your maintenance work. You will see defects that are latent already in new installations or in installations that you have just repaired. The thermal imager will allow you to see these problems not known by you today and to take the adequate actions avoiding future problems and saving time and money.

What you will learn during the seminar:

  • Understand the difference between a visual image and a thermal image
  • Realize what that difference means to you to be able to find latent electrical defects like bad connections
  • Understand some limitations of thermal imaging
  • Be introduced to the common types of electrical defects in  High, Medium and low voltage  that can be detected with a thermal imager
  • Be exposed to the benefits of thermal imaging for improving maintenance practices
  • Tips and tricks on using a Fluke Thermal Imager to help detect electrical defects

Perfect for:

  • Instrumentation technicians / engineers
  • Process technicians / engineers
  • Electrical/electronic engineers involved in process instruments
  • All engineers involved in maintaining automated process controls

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